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Guerrilla Music Marketing, Vol 4: How to Make Money and Boost Sales

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Guerrilla Music Marketing, Vol 4: How to Make Money and Boost Sales

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Make More Money With Your Music!

This ebook features Section 4 of the highly acclaimed "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook.: Here's a glimpse at what you get:

=> 32 Ways to Sell a Lot More of Your CDs, Downloads and Music Merchandise. One solid idea after another on how to boost your music and merchandise sales. From retail and radio to live shows and the top websites where you can sell your music worldwide.

=> The Easiest Way to Make Money in the Music Business. Stop buying into the "starving musician" stereotype. The most properous musicians use this technique to support themselves. Here's what you need to do to thrive in the music business.

=> 25 Ways to Finance Your Next Recording Project, Music Video or Major Equipment Purchase. It's one of the age-old music biz challenges: how to overcome a lack of money. Use these ideas to make, save and raise the extra cash you need.

=> How to Double Your Music Sales (in 90 Days or Less). Want to sell a lot more of your music? Here's what the smart indie artists are doing to profit from their hard work and creativity.

"The most directly applicable, start-tomorrow, creatively inspiring book I've ever seen on promoting your music!"
-Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby

"Applying many of Bob's ideas, and without any wholesaling or distribution, I sold more than 20,000 albums of my music over the last five years. Using his suggestions, I increased my fan base by 35% in just one year. Pretty good for a non-performing artist who does all studio work. Bob is the master of music marketing!"
-Kris Lee-Scott, Hanai Music

"I bought Bob's Guerrilla book, and in less than two months I've done more to energize the promotion of my new CD, and previous three CDs, than I've done in the past four years combined. Bob really got me going. More than that, his book crow-barred a self-convinced 'I hate promotion' guy out of his stubborn old habits and into enthusiasm -- which is no small feat!"
-Dan Oakenhead, musician, Boulder, Colorado

Grab this affordable ebook now and take your music profits to the next level.

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