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Autism Solutions

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Hope – and help – for your child.

For twenty years Dr. Ricki Robinson has been providing hope and help for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her integrative, strengths–based approach to treatment includes a thorough evaluation of your child's medical, developmental, social, emotional, behavioural and educational issues to find the solutions that maximise your child's health and well–being.

Autism Solutions gives parents a greater understanding of their child's unique learning, sensory and medical profile. Recognising that no parent can do this alone, Dr. Robinson explains how to establish a team of professionals who can work with the child to give him or her the opportunity to live well, learn, interact and thrive.

Autism Solutions covers a wide range of issues, including:

* Helping your child relate, communicate and think 
* Recognising and overcoming common health challenges 
* Effectively treating diseases and disorders that frequently accompany autism 
* Developing creative solutions to communication issues 
* Understanding how behaviour can be a form of communication and how to "hear" what a child is telling you 
* Coping with family, siblings, and society 
* Unlocking your child's full potential

Infused with hope, this practical guide will help parents better understand their child and, most importantly, help their child to be the best he can be.

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