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Wythe County: Reflections of Farm Life Traditions

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Wythe County: Reflections of Farm Life Traditions

Duração: 115 páginas1 hora


Though there are more automobiles than harvesters on the roads these days, folks in Wythe County, Virginia, keep their memories and traditions preserved in these conversations with the local twentieth-century farmers who spent their entire lives working this land. Visit with James Kegley, a fourth-generation
farmer discussing his family s cattle and poultry drives to the train in Wytheville, and Agnes Eades as she shares stories about the night before butchering day for the hogs; join Fred Etter as he remembers the first tractor he ever saw and June Huffard as she talks about her dairy farm. Picture the days when starting the plow meant cracking the whip and Wythe County was the
Cabbage Capital of the World.
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