Test Scores: A Kyle Shannon Mystery

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Test Scores: A Kyle Shannon Mystery

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In Burr Meadow School District 1926, a school board election is approaching. No one pays much attention to it until an injured student becomes a campaign focal point. Everyone agrees that it shouldn't take an ambulance thirty minutes to get to the school but how to ease the traffic jams that caused the delay is the question.

Kyle Shannon is on a temp assignment at the district and does her best to relieve the congestion on Black Point Road but tight budgets and dictates from the superintendent hamper her progress. When a district employee is found shot to death near one of the buildings, there doesn't seem to be a motive. It appears to be a random shooting and the Major Crimes Task Force is not called in.

However, following a second attack near the same building, the task force is activated and Kyle finds herself involved in another homicide investigation. The police think drug trafficking is behind it all but Kyle isn't so sure. She suspects something else is going on. Parents want answers and so does she.

With her nerves fraying, Kyle forces herself to focus on finding the person responsible for the violent events. Her single-mindedness leads to a killer but will it cost her more than she is willing to pay?

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