Building Muscles Without Weights For Men - Best Bodyweight Exercises For Building Muscle Mass (Fit Expert Series)
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4 World Class Fitness Professionals Show you the Best Ways to Build Muscle Mass Without Weights

Do you want to build muscle mass but do not want to train in a gym or with equipment?

Are you a skinny guy who wants to gain some mass using only your bodyweight?

Do you consider yourself to be a bit flabby and want to lose weight while also maintaining a muscular physique?

Do you want to get ultra strong to improve in your sports?

Saying YES to any of the above questions means that bodyweight training is probably what you are looking for. By following the simple and very effective exercise routines in this book you can change the way you look and feel in a matter of weeks.

Gone are the days when you had to drag yourself to the gym three times a week to lift heavy weights. Now you can learn to build muscle mass without using any weights which means you are free to train pretty much anywhere and anytime.

This bodyweight training book is targeted for men and is totally unique.

Why is it unique? Because you have the opportunity to learn from not just one but four of the best trainers out there. That is four different perspectives on bodyweight training.

Here is what can you expect from this book:

You will learn a number of techniques that prove that building muscle mass does not necessarily require a gym membership or heavy weights. You will be taught how to use only the best and most effective bodyweight exercises to bulk up and get strong. The information in this book will benefit novice, intermediate and even expert exercisers. You can change the intensity to suit your needs. Each chapter has been written by a different fitness expert providing a fresh look at bodyweight training and allowing you to choose which program to follow. You can pick one of the routines or do them all. You can even mix and match to better suit your lifestyle. There are lots of images to help you see how an exercise is performed. The book offers cutting-edge workout and nutritional advice which will help you gain mass, burn fat and build amazing strength. There are no time wasting or un-necessary exercises. All 4 chapters are concise and focus only on the most efficient ways to change your body without using weights You'll pack more training into these exercise routines than most people do in a 1 hour gym session.
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ISBN: 9781516349869
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