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Building Muscles Without Weights For Men - Best Bodyweight Exercises For Building Muscle Mass
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4 World Class Fitness Professionals Show you the Best Ways to Build Muscle Mass Without Weights

Do you want to build muscle mass but do not want to train in a gym or with equipment?

Are you a skinny guy who wants to gain some mass using only your bodyweight?

Do you consider yourself to be a bit flabby and want to lose weight while also maintaining a muscular physique?

Do you want to get ultra strong to improve in your sports?

Saying YES to any of the above questions means that bodyweight training is probably what you are looking for. By following the simple and very effective exercise routines in this book you can change the way you look and feel in a matter of weeks.

Gone are the days when you had to drag yourself to the gym three times a week to lift heavy weights. Now you can learn to build muscle mass without using any weights which means you are free to train pretty much anywhere and anytime.

This bodyweight training book is targeted for men and is totally unique.

Why is it unique? Because you have the opportunity to learn from not just one but four of the best trainers out there. That is four different perspectives on bodyweight training.

Here is what can you expect from this book:

You will learn a number of techniques that prove that building muscle mass does not necessarily require a gym membership or heavy weights. You will be taught how to use only the best and most effective bodyweight exercises to bulk up and get strong. The information in this book will benefit novice, intermediate and even expert exercisers. You can change the intensity to suit your needs. Each chapter has been written by a different fitness expert providing a fresh look at bodyweight training and allowing you to choose which program to follow. You can pick one of the routines or do them all. You can even mix and match to better suit your lifestyle. There are lots of images to help you see how an exercise is performed. The book offers cutting-edge workout and nutritional advice which will help you gain mass, burn fat and build amazing strength. There are no time wasting or un-necessary exercises. All 4 chapters are concise and focus only on the most efficient ways to change your body without using weights You'll pack more training into these exercise routines than most people do in a 1 hour gym session.
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Building Muscles Without Weights For Men - Best Bodyweight Exercises For Building Muscle Mass - Andy Charalambous

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Ok, so you want to gain some muscle mass but don’t have access to a gym. You want to build strength, power and a nice all over body shape but don’t have the funds to purchase gym equipment for your home. Maybe you are a beginner and don’t know where to start regarding weight training. Maybe you have been training for a number of years but want to try something different in order to break through a plateau.

Whatever your reasons are, you will find that bodyweight exercises may just be your answer. Basically they are strength training exercises that do not require free weights because you use your own weight for providing the resistance for the movement.

You see building muscle mass is not about gimmicks and using the latest fitness equipment. The truth is you don’t need to join any gyms, you don’t need to pump iron and you don’t need all those expensive bodybuilding supplements.

If you want effective exercises that are simple, powerful and able to help you gain muscle mass then the only equipment you will need is your body. This is the most natural way of training your body to reach its full potential without the injuries that so often occur in gyms.

Bodyweight exercises are a combination of strength training exercises and routines that involve a number of moves using just your own bodyweight as opposed to using barbells and weight training machines.

The popularity of this kind of training is growing fast and many people are choosing it in favour of the gym. Some of the more favoured moves are exercises such as the push-up, the pull-up, handstands, squats, dips and various kinds of core work supporting the abdominal area.

With this type of training you can workout pretty much anywhere and anytime at no extra expense. You don’t need any additional food supplements or exotic trending exercise equipment. All you will need is the desire and motivation to improve yourself.

Yes, all of this and more can help you to build mass. Of course, you won’t gain enough mass to be able to enter the next Mr. Olympia. For that you will require a gym and you will need to pump iron and down a ton of supplements.

However, that is not what you are looking for right? You are reading this because you want to gain enough mass so that it is visibly obvious that you work out. You want to look good shirtless. You want your arms, chest, shoulders and back to be defined just enough for them to show their sculpted form through the tops that you wear. You want to have well defined butt and thighs so that you look good in shorts or even sweatpants.

All of this and more is possible just by following the right types of bodyweight exercises within the right workout routines.

In this book 4 top fitness experts have created their very own personal bodyweight exercises that will help you gain muscle mass naturally and safely. At the same time you will notice strength gains and an additional boost in confidence.

The benefits of this book are that you are able to sample different exercise routines from different experts. You can follow one routine or you can follow them all. Be persistent and you will see results.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Steve Payne

The Bodyweight Exercise and its Ability to Humble the Common Man

Chapter 2

Andrea Oh

Bodyweight Training, Muscle Mass and the Neuromuscular Connection

Chapter 3

Gina Howe

Building Muscle without Weights

Chapter 4

Buck Nimz

Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men

About the Author

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Chapter 1

Steve Payne

The Bodyweight Exercise and its Ability to Humble the Common Man

The frailty of the human ego rarely ceases to amaze me. Rather, I should say, the frailty of the male ego is what I find so inexplicable. Being a male doesn’t make this particular pill any easier to swallow, however.

Please allow me, for the purposes of clarification and edification, to offer a story from my recent past and therefore better illustrate from where I speak.

I recently signed a new client for 12 weeks, or if you prefer, 36 sessions, of semi-personal fitness training. (If you’re not familiar with that term, it is where 2 to 6 people train at the same time period under the guidance of a qualified professional, all with their own personalized training protocol)

Quite simply, his goal was to get stronger, put on some muscle and to lose a little body fat. I told him we wouldn’t likely be touching a weight for the first three weeks, minimum, and explained to him exactly why.

Please communication skills aren’t bad, even if I’m originally from East Texas. Sure they need some work, but overall I get the job done. However, I could sense my highly lucid and semi-verbose communiqué was hung somewhere in his Eustachian tube when he replied, "What do you mean you’re not going to allow me to lift weights yet? That’s why I’m paying you." 

Ah, the fragility of the male ego strikes again. Thoughts of Pilates classes, Yoga and deep breathing exercises danced through his head...I’m certain of it.

Believe it or not, I’m sometimes accused of being thick headed.  

Dense, some would argue. 

Even still, I could sense my new client was more than a little displeased with me. After all, he was a big guy. Six foot three, two hundred and twenty four pounds and 39 years of age. The problem was he couldn’t do a push-up correctly to save his life. Squats were a completely different matter, unless you counted diddly-squats, and pull-ups? Please, let’s not go there.

I firmly believe the only cardio he’d done in years involved running at the mouth and jumping to conclusions. But he had seen Arnold in Pumping Iron seventeen times and read every issue of Muscle and Fiction Magazine from cover to cover for months. If those guys could lift finely crafted pieces of iron and steel, why couldn’t he?

Many people pooh-pooh the use of bodyweight only exercises as a less than credible manner for achieving strength, size and stamina. When done correctly, they are among the most effective members of the strength trainer’s toolkit.

The advent of propelling your own bodyweight through a space, verses lying, sitting or standing and pushing or pulling an amount of weight from