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Best Exercises Collection - 3 Bestselling Health & Fitness Books Rolled Into One
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3 Bestselling Books Compiled Into One Edition!

This collection covers all the important exercises and routines that will help you improve your whole body.

You can purchase these three popular books separately but why do that when you can get all three for a competitive price!

The 3 “Fit Expert Series” books in this collection are:

• The Best Butt Exercises for Women
• The Best Breast Exercises
• The Best Core Exercises for Women

This collection provides you with over 250 pages of advice from 19 fitness professionals!

Here is a basic look at each book within this collection:

• The Best Butt Exercises for Women, has a title that pretty much speaks for itself. It is actually the most popular book in the whole series and offers a huge amount of advice, tips, tricks, exercises and much more to help women improve the look of their butt.

There are easy to follow exercises and routines that will help you shape your booty whether you want to tone it down, build it up or just generally keep it looking good in jeans.

• The next book is The Best Breast Exercises which once again has a number of top fitness professionals giving away their secrets to the best ways to shape your breasts.

For women with small breasts you will discover natural ways of making them appear bigger; just through exercising the right moves.

If you have big breasts and want to drop a size or two then you will also find some simple fat burning exercises that will help you achieve that goal.

• Lastly is The Best Core Exercises for Women. If you don’t know this already, a strong core will not only tone and shape your waist but also provide your body with a number of benefits.

You will have better balance and coordination which will greatly improve any regular daily physical activities. Aesthetically you will look fitter and healthier due to your new elevated posture.

A number of techniques are used by the fitness experts to help you work not just the abdominals but the core as a whole and that also includes eating healthily.

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Best Exercises Collection - 3 Bestselling Health & Fitness Books Rolled Into One - Andy Charalambous

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A while back I had a thought.

Yes, just that one thought.

It came to me while I was instructing one of our health club members through her new exercise program that I had written up.

This member, let’s call her Jane, wanted to hire one of our in-house personal trainers to help her get past some weight issues she was having. Ok, that is simple enough because there were a number of good trainers to choose from.

That was the problem. Jane was spoilt for choice; there were too many top trainers and she liked them all.

Ding! (Light bulb flashes above my head).

My mind began spinning with ideas.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could gather information about various fitness topics from a number of different top experts. Then put all that information in one place, like a book.

By doing that people will be able to pick and choose the information they require from many experts. It will be like Pick n Mix for exercises.

A week or so later I created the Fit Expert Series. Each book in the series features a number of top experts in their field who have taken the time to offer some of their own personal advice.

Over time the series has become quite popular with over 10 books alone focusing on women’s health and fitness.

A number of the books have become Amazon best sellers including the very first Fit Expert Series book, The Best Butt Exercises for Women

Each book covers a specific area of health and fitness to help women improve the way they look and feel as well as taking care of all other aspects of wellness.

Three of these books cover some of the best exercises and workouts that hone in on areas such as the buttocks and thighs, breasts, back and core.

Combine all three books and you would have top level advice from 19 health, fitness and wellness experts in one information packed edition.

So, here it is! You’re reading it now! The Best Exercises Collection.

Over 250 pages of pure content and images from the books, The Best Butt Exercises for Women, The Best Breast Exercises and Best Core Exercises for Women.

This Best Exercises bundle is packed with exercises, tips, tricks, techniques, routines, nutritional advice, wellness advice, easy to follow instructional advice with images and much more.

Follow the advice in this book, improve the areas of your body that you are not happy with, build confidence and above all have fun. I hope the combined techniques help you achieve your mental and physical goals to live a happier and fuller life.

Happy trails!





Chances are that you’re reading this, Best Butt Exercises book because you want to improve your buttocks for either aesthetic reasons, health reasons, performance/sports reasons or all of the above. 

• Maybe you are having trouble getting into your clothes because your butt has grown an inch or two in size.

• It could be you recently noticed that due to lack of exercise your butt has began to sag a little.

• Are you performing at your best during exercise or sports activities? 

• How is your posture? Do you have back ache? 

• Maybe you are happy with the size of your buttocks and just want to shape them up a little. 

• Are you self-conscious about how you look? No doubt you would want to improve on your self-esteem. 

By regularly training the gluteal muscles many of the issues above will be resolved within just a few weeks. The information in this book will help you achieve all of those goals and many more in an easy to follow manner.

From Chapters 2 to 8, eight fitness experts have compiled some of their best butt exercises and advice for you to try out. These experts are a mix of personal trainers, life coaches, sports therapists, bodybuilders, athletes and fitness personalities.

I wanted to accumulate a series of different exercises and routines from a variety of successful experts. This gives you the option to pick and choose which style works best for you. 

All exercises and routines in this book have been proven to work time and time again. Whether you choose to stick with one expert routine or try them all out it doesn’t matter because they will all produce positive results, (as long as you follow the advice correctly of course).

Some of these butt exercises may suit you better than others so pick one style to begin with and work through it for a few weeks. If you don’t feel comfortable with it then try another routine. Doing this alone will have your butt in shape within a few weeks!

If you have been training for a while and want to work your glutes through all the styles then what you can do is rotate through each of the experts’ routines. Start with one and follow it for a number of weeks and then switch to the next routine. Keep doing this until you end up back at the first routine. Then repeat.

This Best Butt Exercises book is for women who want to improve their buttocks whether it is for shape, firmness, strength, lift, general health, sports or all of the above. There are so many exercises and workouts out there, how do you know which one will suit you best? 

I mean, we are all individuals and what may work for one person may not work for you. Also, you need to find an exercise or routine that you are comfortable with. Maybe you haven’t the time to research a butt exercise, maybe you can’t afford to pay for a personal trainer, maybe you’re just so darn sick of the way your butt looks that you just want to dive straight into a workout program without all the fuss.

What I have done with this book is simplified the whole process.  All information offered by the fitness experts are proven and successful exercises and advice that focus primarily on the buttock area.

So what is the fascination with the female butt? Why are women so hung up on how their derriere looks? Actually, why are men so hung up on how a women’s derriere looks? 

Sexologist and author of the book, Buttock Fetishism suggested that the buttocks are the primary sexual presentation site in primates. So this must explain why men just can’t help lusting over women’s butts.

Quite a high number of surveys suggest that a man’s favorite body part on a woman is her buttocks. Could that mean that women feel a certain amount of pressure to keep their behind in shape if they are to find their perfect mate?

So in essence, for the majority of women, it is more of a visual thing. Women want a well shaped behind because it completes the woman’s figure. Shapely firm buttocks look better in clothing than flabby loose buttocks. Come to think of it a nicely toned butt looks better out of clothing also! (Snap out of it Andy!)

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what your reasons are for improving your buttocks. Actually making a conscious effort to improve how you look and feel about yourself can only lead to positive results.

To go straight to the exercise routines check out chapters 2 to 8 and there you will find a list of the trainers and their unique gluteal workouts that they use to train their clients. They have been placed in no particular order as all the trainers are experts in their field and have something unique and special to offer. 


About your Butt


Benefits of strengthening your glutes

Having a strong butt does not necessarily mean a small butt. Popular media culture constantly feed us images in magazines, movies and TV of scrawny super models and ultra slim actresses. This could make women with large bottoms feel unattractive and undesirable. 

On the flip side the media also feed us images of sexy actresses with larger full behinds. This could make women with a smaller, less developed bottom feel unattractive and undesirable.

So what type of butt is the best to have?

Who cares! What conventional wisdom states about how a woman’s buttocks should look is not important. What IS important is that you have done your best to tone, shape, lift and strengthen your glutes to make them the best they can genetically be for you as an individual. 

There are many health benefits to strengthening your butt, in addition to making you look and feel better in any form of clothing. Understand that following the best butt exercises to create a strong butt will help the rest of your body work more efficiently.

The three muscles in the glutes, (Maximus, Medius and Minimus), form one of the largest muscle groups in the body and help to create a strong support base for the pelvic girdle.

They stabilize the hip joint and even play a major role in keeping the knees healthy. This in turn will relieve any pressure on the lower back and also improve your posture, minimize your effort to walking upstairs and can help with heavy lifting.

Do you like to keep fit and play sports? You will be glad to know that developing strong glutes provides additional muscular power for most sports and fitness activities. Your gluteus muscles are responsible for helping with accelerating, decelerating, changing directions and jumping. Strong glutes will also decrease your risk of injuries.

Strengthened gluteals do not only provide an aesthetic appeal or help with performance but can also be efficient fat burning machines. These muscles are large and so when they are strengthened and toned they have the greatest potential for burning calories even when resting.

So, if you are having trouble getting into some of your clothes due to excess fat then consider adding the best butt exercises to your workout program.


Some basics about your glutes

It is a good idea to train yourself to actually visualize the muscle you are working on when you train. In order to do this you need to understand a little bit about those particular muscles.

In this section I will briefly run through the three main muscles you will most likely be working on if you follow any of the exercises in this Best Butt Exercises book.

If this isn’t something that interests you then you can just skip straight to the routines. However, I do recommend reading this short introduction to the gluteus muscles as it will help you understand how they function.

The buttocks are made up of three main muscles, the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus. Each of these muscles has their own function that contributes to particular body movements. We will look at each muscle individually.

Use the gluteal muscles Functions Glossary at the end of the chapter if you have troubles understanding some of the terminology.

Gluteus Maximus

This is the largest and most posterior of the three gluteal muscles and is also one of the strongest muscles in the body. It is partly responsible for the shape and appearance of the buttocks. It is a thick and wide fleshy mass of muscle that forms the general prominence of a person’s bottom.

The gluteus maximus is used mostly for power as in going upstairs, rising from a sitting position, climbing or running.

Some Gluteus Maximus Exercises:



Quadruped Hip Extensions.


Four-Way Hip Extensions.

Functions of the Gluteus Maximus:

External Hip Rotation.

Hip Adduction.

Hip Extension.

Transverse Hip Abduction.


Gluteus Medius

The Gluteus Medius is another thick and broad muscle that is a fair bit smaller than the Gluteus Maximus muscle. It is situated on the outer surface of the pelvis/side of the hip.

One of its functions is to help stabilize the pelvis to prevent sagging when the opposing side is lifted or not supported with the other leg.

Some Gluteus Medius Exercises:

Hip Hike.

Forward Straight Leg Raise.

1-leg 1-arm Deadlifts.

In-line Dowel Lunge.

Functions of the Gluteus Medius:

External Hip Rotation.

Hip Abduction.

Transverse Hip Abduction.

Internal Hip Rotation.

Gluteus Minimus

The Gluteus Minimus muscle is the smallest of the three gluteal muscles and is deeply situated beneath the Gluteus Medius muscle. A common use of this muscle is getting out of a car by swinging the leg out of the car door. Strengthening this muscle will help in preventing injuries due to overuse.

Some Gluteus Minimus Exercises:

Side-Lying Hip Abductions.

Standing Hip Abductions with Resistance Band.

Standing Hip Internal Rotation with Resistance Band.

Cable Hip Abductions.

Functions of the Gluteus Minimus:

Hip Abduction

Internal Hip Rotation

Transverse Hip Abduction

Functions Glossary

Hip Abduction. Moving your leg outward and upward to the side.  Imagine a male dog using a tree as a restroom.

Hip Adduction. Moving of the leg toward the center line of your body. Clench your thighs together to perform hip adductions.

Hip Extension. Moving your leg backward; or moving your hips forward. Imagine trying to hit the back of your head with your foot in a kicking backward motion.

Hip Flexion. Hip flexion refers to the movement of bringing your thighs or knees towards your torso. Imagine military marching.

Internal & External Hip Rotation. Rotating the leg or pelvis either in an inward or outward pointing direction. Point your toes towards each other. Point your toes away from each other.


Warren T. Martin

Re-activate your Glutes to Create Firm & Shapely Buttocks


The buttocks on most people become deactivated because of the way we live these days. We sit behind a computer, our phones, drive in cars, TV, theaters, and even a high number of exercise equipment require us to sit down.

Being seated much of the day, (24 hr period), has the butt in a lengthened/relaxed state and the Hip Flexors, (front of the hips), at a shortened/tight state for most of the day. 

So just doing butt exercises does not complete the job of developing that area fully. In order to really develop the muscle you must get the muscles that work against the buttock, (antagonist muscle), to lengthen properly to allow the buttock to function at its best all day. 

Remember if you don't use it you lose it! And with the buttock, it must be active all day. Not just an hour workout in the gym then sit in your car for a long drive home to then sit down behind the computer again! This starts the process of decreased butt muscle development. 

Then after the beginning high motivation levels start dropping, the reality that there really isn't any progress happening, you quit. Then you wait for next year for the new big thing to hit the market, the too good to be true Butt Machine

This next approach is used to maximize professional athlete’s gluteus development. If we use the method I'm about to explain for Pros then they will work perfectly for normal exercisers like you because the lack of butt development is due to muscular imbalances caused by our way of life. 


We use Myo Facial Release for muscles that have tightened and become overactive. 

We will stretch the same muscles in the first step.

We will do isolated strengthening exercises to get the dormant muscles working again. 

We will do more dynamic exercises so we can teach the body to use both the tight and dormant muscles working together again. 

All of this is to correct issues that will prevent gluteus development. From there we will implement a butt muscle development phase that will also burn more calories. This will increase fat loss.

Now there is only one thing that is connected to a decrease in body fat and that is making sure that the calories you consume are less than the calories you burn in a given period. 

So technically it isn't volume of food, type of food, amount of exercise, type of exercise, etc that allows fat loss. The effect of eating healthier makes you eat less calories, decreasing volume of food is just lower calories as well so a caloric deficit is the key. Fat on your body is 100% separate from muscle. The fact is what really works is to exercise in a way that maximizes development of muscle tissue without the potential of injury and use nutrition to make body fat decrease.


Here is the program:

Nutrition is determining a client’s resting metabolic rate. This is the calories a person burns with a sedentary lifestyle. From that number I put them 400-500 calories below that. It takes being at a 3500 calorie deficit to lose 1 pound of fat. 

So with diet alone there will be fat loss of about .75 to 1 pound per week. Now we add exercise in and it will up the level to 1-2 pounds of fat loss per week. To lose 2 pounds a week you must burn 7000 calories more than you eat in a week. So if someone loses 5 pounds in a week it is NOT FAT. 

Now the importance of not going too low in calories is because it can cause loss of energy which decreases the amount you do in the day and decreases calorie burning. We MUST maximize calorie burning. Carbs are actually the most important thing you must eat. It is calorie control that determines weight gain or loss. 

Carbs are what your body uses for energy. So the rule is to never go below 45% carbs of total calories in a day. Optimal is 50-60 percent. Fat intake is important and people who decrease too much in fat intake will cause increase in appetite and thus an increase in calorie intake. Optimal is 10-30%. You must find what range gives you enough volume of food to appetite control.

Fat slows down digestion and spreads the calories out that you eat and minimizes insulin spikes which cause sugar crashes. When you have a sugar crash you become tired, demotivated, hungry, weak, and other negative effects. But at the same time, fat has over double the calories per mass unit than carbs or protein, (1gram fat= 9 cals; 1gram carb= 4 cals; 1gram protein= 4 cals).