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Queen of Shadows

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Queen of Shadows

Nota: 4.5 de 5 estrelas4.5/5 (327 avaliações)
Duração: 774 páginas12 horas


Long live the queen, for she has returned with anger burning in her eyes.

Everyone that Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken away from her, leaving her filled with sorrow and rage. But after a long struggle and many battles, she has finally returned to the empire on her own terms. She returns to seek vengeance against those who have wronged her, to rescue and restore her once glorious kingdom, and to finally confront the shadows of her past head on…

Although Celaena Sardothien has finally embraced her true identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen, she must fight before she can truly lay claim to her throne.

She will battle for her cousin, a skilled warrior who is prepared to die for her. She will fight for her friend, a young man imprisoned in unspeakable circumstances. Lastly, and most important, she will fight for her people, those that have become enslaved to a brutal king, eagerly awaiting their lost queen’s glorious return.

Queen of Shadows is the fourth volume in the New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series, and the story continues Celaena’s epic quest, eventually building to a passionate, heart wrenching crescendo that could possible shatter her entire being.
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