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Princess Etheria Chronicles



This book is the conclusion of the five part Princess Etheria Chronicles.

Taken together, the Chronicles form a philosophical fairy tale that takes the wonder of magic from "Harry Potter", mixes it with the law of attraction from "The Secret", and places it in an enchanted forest that is right out of Disney or Narnia.

Aimed at an adult audience both young and old, the fairy tale engages the reader's imagination by promising them that, since this particular enchanted forest exists in a world of our collective dreams, it is actually accessible to each and every one of us. In fact, in the introduction the narrator even goes so far as to tell the reader that this forest is different from all other fantasy realms, because it's the only one "...that you've actually visited yourself".

In the story, Princess Etheria is confronted with a challenge, that of separating two buck deer whose antlers have become hopelessly entwined by a bitter argument that has spanned centuries.

As she works on figuring out how to disentangle the combatants, the Princess must reflect on the lessons that her father, the King, has taught her over the years, and, in so doing, unlock her own true magical potential.

In the process, she discovers such things as:

- the true nature of magic in the Universe
- why we limit ourselves
- the reason behind helping others
- overcoming guilt
- why bad things happen to us
- the nature of perfection in a paradoxical Universe

Her solution to the conflict is wholly original. The magic words that she ultimately finds are sure to transform your own life, and change your world as well, just like magic.

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