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Dynamic Plasticity

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Dynamic Plasticity

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Dynamic Plasticity discusses the problems encountered in the theory of dynamic deformation of plastic bodies. The book describes one-dimensional problems involving a single component of stress, particle velocity, and single spatial coordinate. The propagation of longitudinal elastic-plastic waves in thin rods or wires is a simple example of this problem of dynamic plasticity. Another one-dimensional problem, which has various possible transverse motions, is the dynamics of extensible strings. This problem is associated in calculations dealing with cables of suspension bridges, of elevator cables, of electric cables. The analogy with the mechanics of extensible strings can be extended to circular and rectangular membranes such as explained by Karunes and Onat. Karunes and Onat analyzed the propagation of transverse and longitudinal shock waves in such membranes using the Rakhmatulin theory for strings. The text also discusses axi-symmetrical problems and the problems of soil mechanics when applied to soft soils. The book can prove valuable to civil engineers, structural engineers, physicist, and students of mechanical engineering or industrial design.
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