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Electronics Pocket Book

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Electronics Pocket Book

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Electronics Pocket Book, Fourth Edition is a nonmathematical presentation of the many varied topics covered by electronics. The book tackles electron physics, electronic components (i.e. resistors, capacitors, and conductors), integrated circuits, and the principles of a.c. and d.c. amplifiers. The text also discusses oscillators, digital circuits, digital computers, and optoelectronics (i.e., sensors, emitters, and devices that utilize light). Communications (such as line and radio communications, transmitters, receivers, and digital techniques); the principles and examples of servosystems; and transducers are also considered. The book describes useful electromagnetic devices, electronic instruments, and power supplies, as well as maintenance (preventive, planned, and corrective), fault-finding, and repair (first- and second-line maintenance). The text will serve as a useful reference manual for both the professional electronics engineers and the home hobbyists.
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