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Newnes Radio Engineer's Pocket Book

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Newnes Radio Engineer's Pocket Book

Duração: 353 páginas


Newnes Radio Engineer's Pocket Book focuses on various processes employed in radio engineering, including frequency, wavelength, radio waves, resonant circuits, and oscillators.

The book first elaborates on the propagation of radio waves, decibel scale, and transmission lines. Discussions focus on radio frequency lines, impedance matching, waveguides, decibels referred to absolute values, radio frequency spectrum, formation and behavior of radio waves, and methods of propagation. The text then explores antennas, resonant circuits, oscillators, piezo-electric devices, and bandwidth requirements and modulation.

The manuscript examines frequency planning, radio equipment, microwave communication, information privacy and encryption, and multiplexing. Topics include code division multiple access (CDMA), encryption principles, performance criteria for analogue and digital links, microwave usage, transmitters, receivers, and programmable equipment. The book also reviews broadcasting, connectors and interfaces, satellite communications, batteries, instrumentation, and base station site management.

The publication is a valuable source of data for researchers interested in radio engineering.
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