The Reincarnation of Heston Venns Rye
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“He climbed up on the wing of a 1941 Waco bi-plane and seated himself in the cockpit. He had never sat in one of these models before and he loved the feel it gave him. With a sudden rush he realized that he knew everything about this airplane. He reached underneath the seat, without looking, knowing the fuel-cock would be there ... and it was. He even recited in his mind the piston size and the complete mechanical workings of the interior of the engine. He climbed out of the plane and walked around it several times. Something drew him to this plane -- something deep inside himself.”Déjà vu experiences startle Jason Conrad, as does the name “Monica” sounding in his head. Sometimes his dreams show him how to fly maneuvers he has no training for, and sometimes his visions insist he has a soulmate somewhere whom he has known for a very long time. A bygone, tragic news story posted on an airport wall; a crashed plane in the Amazon Rain Forest; a girl in a yellow blouse; the rescue of a boy’s life which leads to a drug cartel in Colombia … all contribute to the unveiling of Jason’s previous life and the soulmate whose love he’s yearned for.While Jason’s sense of adventure carries him geographically far and wide, it also fuels his discovery that he is traveling from one lifetime to another in a compelling, ongoing saga of love.
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ISBN: 9781450027014
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