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IT Project Management: 30 steps to success

IT Project Management: 30 steps to success

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IT Project Management: 30 steps to success

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Feb 7, 2011


This pocket guide is designed to help IT project managers to succeed, and is based on the author’s years of experience in IT project management. The guide’s step-by-step approach will enable those new to IT project management, or intending to make a career in this field, to master the essential skills. For seasoned professionals, the pocket guide offers an invaluable concise reference guide.

Lançado em:
Feb 7, 2011

Sobre o autor

Premanand Doraiswamy is an IT Project Manager with close to 15 years of industry experience who has helped his clients to achieve delivery excellence in the field of IT project management. His experience covers a wide variety of project methodologies, and he is an active member in many project management communities and forums. His interests are mentoring new IT project managers and helping them achieve success.

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IT Project Management - Premanand Doraiswamy



As I welcome you to the world of IT project management, it’s time for you to celebrate. You have made the right choice by taking the initiative to pursue your career in the right direction. Your timing could not be more perfect: as the world slowly but surely comes out of recession, the IT industry is again gaining momentum. It is now impossible to find an industry that does not benefit from the power of IT. The IT industry has come a long way, and shows no signs of saturation.

As long as businesses want to be competitive, there will be no end to the IT industry.

With changing consumer demands, businesses need to continuously innovate new ways to attract them and remain competitive. IT allows companies to innovate and provide value for money. As existing businesses change their ways of working, the systems that support them need to change, too. This situation creates a demand for IT projects.

IT projects are responsible for delivering change to businesses. To start up, they should have a valid business case, a clear objective, and promise to provide value for money. The IT project managers managing the projects and are responsible for delivering to the business projects enabling change and better returns.

IT projects are unique, flexible and have valid business cases.

As an IT project manager, you will have many new things to learn and challenges to overcome. You will receive bricks and bouquets: you should always be prepared to expect the unexpected. Successful IT project managers will also be good leaders and mentors for their teams.

This book will give you a broad perspective on what IT project management is all about. It will give you a step-by-step guide to understanding all its aspects and provide useful tips to succeed in each of them.

The following Mind Map is a brainstorm about the various aspects of IT project management.

Figure 1: Aspects of IT project management

IT project managers are like pilots to aeroplanes. They drive the change.

Useful tips

You are an important part of your team. You are the leader. Act like a leader!

Develop communication skills, including e-mail etiquette. E-mail will be your best pal in keeping things going forward – it will save you many times.

Be confident and try to become familiar with all aspects of your project. For example, if the project is to deliver a hardware box to the group, learn a few things about the latest hardware trends.

Develop your negotiation skills in order to convince people and get your work done.

Be a Jack of all trades – sometimes you will work as an administrator, a technical consultant, a business analyst, an IT specialist, an implementation manager, a support analyst, or a business project manager. Flexibility is the

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