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Fellowship With God (Volume One)

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The greatest commandment given to all believers in Jesus Christ is the command to love God. As believers we are also commanded “to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3:18). Without correct understanding of Bible doctrine it is impossible to fulfill these commandments, and the believer will continue to fail in the spiritual life. The great Christians are not necessarily those who have the most prominent positions in the church, or who show themselves to be constantly busy in Christian service, or who sing and pray the loudest during the worship service. This collection of essays helps us to understand that the great Christians are those who are humble enough to obey God’s commands, learning and applying the word of God, and growing to spiritual maturity by developing an intimate and continuous fellowship with Him through means of both Bible doctrine in the soul and the filling of the Holy Spirit. These Christians are the ‘winner- believers’ of the Church age, the believers who have attained spiritual fulfillment, passed all forms of faith-testing and are able to maintain continual focus on the person of Christ. Only the winner-believer has the capacity to receive maximum blessings from God while giving glory to Him before both men and angels alike.

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