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Soul Catcher: And 20 More Sci-Fi Short Stories

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This collection of science fiction short stories includes tales about: 

Nuclear apocalypse; 
Alien contact; 
Economic chaos; 
Political upheaval; 
Secret space programs; 
Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs; 
Underground alien bases; 
Shadow governments; 
And what happens when we die. 

There’s a little something for everyone in this collection of sci-fi stories. Aliens and economic catastrophe are the main themes, and what would happen if society stopped working. 

If you like those stories, this book is for you. Read through the first stories with the “Look Inside” feature. If you like what you see, buy a copy. 

Short Excerpt from "The Truth Embargo" 

Why, the space marine wondered, why? He had a hard time wrapping his head around it all, and now with the 2016 election just a few months away and full disclosure finally looking like a reality, he had to know. Lives depended on it, especially in the far reaches of the Oort Cloud. Out there anything could happen, especially when news traveled to the hostile races that the humans were indeed serious about changing their ways, becoming more outward looking than continuously focused inward. Fred frowned – that meant his eighteen years of secrecy would be up. But then it was a lot longer than that, wasn’t it? At least since that day back in ’79 when he’d been pulled into it all. 

The ship lurched, and Fred was pulled from his thoughts. He looked out the port window again. Yep, it wouldn’t be long now. He glanced back down at the report. 

It was clear they could never have extradited McKinnon because that evidence the Americans would have to present at the trial or hearing or whatever, it would prove, without a doubt, that aliens and UFOs do exist, but more than that, it would show that the US and other countries have known about it for some time. Perhaps most damaging, and illegal, would be the proof that the American government has been funneling funds to their deep space military programs, off-world military installations, and troop deployments to them. 

It all began in 1980 with “Solar Warden,” the secret space fleet that’s been exploring, colonizing and militarizing space for nearly four decades now. In 2014 Solar Warden had a black budget of $52.6 billion and that rose to $58.7 billion in 2015. 

Fred put the report down, closed the folder, smiled. $52 billion, he thought, then smiled despite himself. That’s just what was revealed to keep the hardest legal pressure off – everyone knew that there were deeper black budgets, perhaps going into the trillions of dollars. Where’d the hell they think that national debt was going to, infrastructure? 

The ship lurched again, and there was a terrible groaning sound all through the large vessel. Fred had heard it all before, for he’d been to Jupiter plenty of times. That’s where the true infrastructure was being built, there and in the Oort Cloud. Fred shuddered in spite of the insulated and heat-sensitive suit – the far reaches just had a tendency to do that to him. 

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