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Lucid Dreaming Guide: Foster Creativity in a Lucid Dream State

Lucid Dreaming Guide: Foster Creativity in a Lucid Dream State

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Lucid Dreaming Guide: Foster Creativity in a Lucid Dream State

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Jun 30, 2014


How would you like to be able to control your dreams? To turn your dream into a virtual holodeck, like on Star Trek, where you can be anyone and go anywhere? You can fly, you can breathe underwater, you can visit distant planets and live the life you've always wanted.

This is what lucid dreaming is all about.

In a lucid dream, you become aware that you're dreaming - and you can now control it. You can cause a white stallion to appear on your tropical beach and ride him along the turquoise waters. You can turn your nightmare of a twisted forest into a quiet wood with a beautiful, mossy pond. If you wish, a unicorn can appear to nestle at your side.

I'd say the sky was the limit - but really, it's not. If you want to head into outer space, and bounce along the moon's surface, you can!

I've been lucid dreaming for many years and have helped others achieve this same glorious state. By following my step-by-step guidelines, you'll find that you're lucid dreaming in no time at all.

Take that first step - and live your dreams!

All proceeds benefit battered women's shelters.

Lançado em:
Jun 30, 2014

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I love writing in a variety of genres. I currently have over 300 books published in all lengths from full 500+ page novels down to short stories. I love writing series. Some are with unconnected characters, like the 14 full-length medieval novels with a sword being passed from heroine to heroine. Some have connected characters, like the 31 mini-mysteries featuring a detective in Salem, Massachusetts. All of my books are written "clean" with no explicit intimacy, no harsh language, and no explicit violence. All are suitable for teens and up.For a full listing of my books please visit:http://www.lisashea.com/lisabase/writing/gettingyourbookpublished/lisalibrary.html

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Lucid Dreaming Guide - Lisa Shea



To put it simply, lucid dreaming is being in a dream and realizing you are dreaming. So, for example, you might be dreaming that you are in a grassy meadow. Most of the time in a dream you simply go with the dream and think of it as a real occurrence. However, when you become lucid, or aware, in the dream, you now realize this is just a dream. You become conscious that this landscape you’re in is an imaginary dream and not part of your daily reality.

Since it is your own mind creating that dream, what this means is, with practice, you can then control that dream. You can have that horse in the far corner of the meadow walk over to you so you can climb on its back and ride it. You can jump into the air and start flying around. You now have a perfect playground in which to explore your creativity.

For those who have never had a lucid dream, talking about lucid dreaming might seem as wild or unlikely as talking about floating off the ground when meditating. It could seem like a New-Age parlor trick. However, lucid dreaming has been around for thousands of years. It was known to the Romans and Greeks. It has been documented by countless researchers. Tens of thousands of people in our modern world practice lucid dreaming as a matter of course.

I’ll note here that lucid dreaming is separate from the out of body experience that some say they have while dreaming. In a lucid dream, one is within their dream and aware of that dream state. In an out of body experience, the person claims to have left their body and been able to visit other locations. Lucid dreams have been proven to be possible for thousands of years. So far, no researchers have been able to document a person having an out of body experience. This book focuses solely on the lucid dreaming phenomenon – what it’s about, how to achieve it, and what one can do with the wonderfully creative atmosphere of a lucid dream.

Read on to join me in our lucid dreaming adventure!

What Is Sleep?

It’s always good to start at the beginning when learning about a new skill! Lucid dreaming happens when you are asleep. Just what is involved in being asleep?

The primary difference between being awake and asleep involves brain waves. When we are awake, we have sharp, quick beta waves that control our waking movements. When we close our eyes, relax and go to sleep, we move into the slower, calmer, alpha waves.

There are two main sections of the alpha wave sleep - REM and non-REM. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement and is the stage of sleep in which we dream. REM sleep is only 30% of total sleeping time, on average. The rest of our nightly sleep is non-REM.

There are four stages of non-REM sleep. These are:

stage 1:

Falling asleep, where you are awakened by the mildest of stimuli.

stage 2:

True sleep, where people spend about 50% of their non-waking time.

stage 3&4:

Deep sleep, where growth hormone is produced and delta waves are in the brain.

Interestingly, REM sleep changes as you age. Out of 8 hours of sleep, babies are in REM for

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