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Bad Boy - An MC Romance Short

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Bad Boy - An MC Romance Short

Duração: 26 páginas22 minutos


"You have had one hundred percent of my attention since the moment I saw you standing in the doorway, and I intend to show you how beautiful and amazing you are. Right here, right now.”


It's late, I'm tired, and now my goddamn car has broken down. I can't fix it myself, and so my only option is to knock on the door of the only house around with any sign of life. 

There's just one problem. 

That's the clubhouse for the Brothers of Chaos, the baddest biker gang around. A shy girl like me stands no chance in there. 

Only, their leader, Rafe, spares me the attention of his cronies. He's huge, rippling with muscles, and covered in wild tattoos - but his eyes are mesmerizing. I try to push those thoughts aside though, because a guy like that would never be interested in a curvy girl like me...would he? 


I rule around here. When this shy girl from out of town knocks at the door to the clubhouse one night, the boys are all ready to give her hell. I call them off though, for one main reason. 

I want her. 

She's shy and she can't see it, but holy hell I can - curves everywhere you'd ever want them, a cute little smile, and tits to goddamn die for. I'll help her out with her little car problem, but Rafe don't work for free...

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