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Ridden Rough 3 - An MC Romance Short

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Ridden Rough 3 - An MC Romance Short

Duração: 32 páginas18 minutos


“How could you betray me like that, Tully? Why would you? What did I do?”


Things were going great with Tully ever since that night out in the desert where we finally told each other how we truly feel. But now, there's a problem - I can't stop my feelings of jealousy from boiling up inside me whenever I see him flirting with a pretty girl. He tells me it's nothing, that he's just being friendly...but I just can't stop being scared I'll lose him. 

So, when I see some skinny little platinum blonde kissing him one day, I drive away, all my fears confirmed. He's just like all the others, how could I have been so stupid? 


I've decided to take things to the next level with Shelly - I've even picked out a ring. I can't wait to propose, to spend the rest of my life with her. But then Cathy, my psycho bitch ex, shows up at the clubhouse one day. She's heard about me and Shelly from somewhere, and she threatens to lie to Shelly, to tell her that I'm having an affair with her. 

Unless I give her ten grand. 

When I show up to pay her off and get her out of my life for good, she kisses me out of nowhere, and I see Shelly running away, crying. I climb on my bike and chase after her. I have to tell her what's really going on...I can't lose her. 

I won't.

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