Real Estate: It's Not For You

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Real Estate: It's Not For You

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Is Real Estate For You?

Learn from everyday people why real estate investing prevails whether young or old, introvert or extrovert, rich or low-income, career or no career, student or parent, single mom or bachelor. Find out why ordinary people — all with unique life experiences, ethnicities, backgrounds, different personality types, and unique life experiences — choose to invest in real estate.

Learn why:
>Multi-million dollar real estate earners choose to rent their own homes.
>The average person with no real estate background can learn how to achieve financial security through real estate.
>The financially strapped to the multi-millionaire wrestle with the same mental and emotional fears.
>...And more.
Are YOU ready?

Featuring: Tahani Aburaneh, Maria Charberet, Tony Chen, Tim JP Collins, Nancy Dass, Susan Flanagan, Gillian Irving, Joey Ragona, Monika Jazyk, Teresa Solowczuk, Andy Tran, Cindy Wennerstrom, Marcin Wroblewski, and Aneta Zimnicki

Co Authored by Lindsay R. Allison and Todor Yordanov
Edited by Lindsay R. Allison

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