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Chord Creative

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Chord Creative

Nota: 3.5 de 5 estrelas3.5/5 (3 avaliações)
Duração: 100 páginas22 minutos


In this course I want to share some of the many ways you can get creative with chords and hopefully inspire you to experiment with them in your own learning and styles of playing; write songs, or simply sit there and chill out! The chords can be strummed or picked, and I'll give you some of my interpretations on the way. I don't want to get too technical or bogged down with 'chord chemistry' as they say, think of them as ideas to play around with - just a few of the many possibilities. If you're new to playing most shapes can be both a way to inspire and also to exercise those fingers! Topics include Messing With The Basics, Busting The Barres, Trying The Triads, Cool Chords, Slashing The Chords, Power Chord Creative, Diminished Dimensons, Essential Jazz and Tweaking The Tuning!! Over 100 video demos with on screen chord diagrams to help you on your way.
Sit back and get creative with chords!

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