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Oasis, Arizona

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Oasis, Arizona

Duração: série


Collin Banks has made treasure hunting his profession...and he's good at it! His latest project brings him to Oasis, Arizona where he attempts to solve the hundred year old mystery of a gold heist from the Manfred Schneider Mine. Locating the gold would put another notch in his already extensive legacy. However, while flying his Cessna Skyhawk over the small town and surrounding desert, something goes horribly wrong and his plane crashes!

Dottie Arnez loves her town and enjoys walking the wilderness road outside her ancestral home in Oasis, but over the past months she's begun to wonder if she's going through a mid-life crisis. Operating Dottie's Dime Store in the small town isn't as satisfying as it once was, and she's come to the conclusion that her life is very boring. During one of her evening walks an unforeseen event forever changes her life when, at great peril to her own safety, she rescues a man from his downed plane. Pursued by news media, both she and treasure hunter Collin Banks escape to his home in Florida, where she finds herself diving for sunken treasure!
Perhaps Collin and Dottie, while searching for treasure in the earth, will also discover the treasure within their hearts.

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