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A majority of Americans in 2013 (53%) felt for the first time in American history their own government is a threat to their personal rights and freedoms. Modern-day compatriot, Dr. Troy Clark, signals permanent losses to religious liberty in America as an eroding pillar undergirding basic freedoms enjoyed by all U.S. citizens. While Christian Americans pray daily for secular authorities, politicians and judges prey daily on constitutional freedoms. Churches remain largely paralyzed and unmobilized politically, as large swaths of freedom in America disappear forever. Yet, what is a Christian’s role in politics? This is a book that goes straight to truth, daring the heart and patriotic mind of each reader to act with Biblical purpose. In electrifying discoveries, Dr. Clark delivers a powerful response to political issues challenging Christians today: global climate change, immigration, gun rights, American history, mainstream media, and much more. “One nation under God” exhales a death rattle gasp in the America George Washington called to “defend at all cost”. Individual soul liberty for 240 years in the good ole US-of-A is soon ending, unless ALL God-minded Americans immediately.. Engage!

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