Bali James -The Stories Book One

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Bali James -The Stories Book One

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Bali James is only too happy for you to enjoy her work whilst on the train in the midst of the daily commute, or perhaps lounging poolside in the dead heat of August. Her only objective is to connect with you. With this intention she wrote stories that are both concise and thoroughly engaging.
The Stories Book One highlights the choices we make and the effect of such decisions that we may not have taken into consideration. These narratives are told in a style that intend to speak to the reader in a manner that is completely relatable yet at the same time captivating in their unique tone. The stories are both concise and thoroughly engaging, a fictional, fantastical ride.
Bali James-The Stories Book One is a visual, cross-cultural, exciting, and often, humorous portrayal of one person’s interpretation of the complex world she unflinchingly embraces.

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