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The Hum

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The Hum

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Few people think for themselves anymore. Bombarded 24/7 by radio, television, internet, cellular microwaves, satellite signals and low frequency electromagnetic radiation, society is inundated with electronic visual, auditory and subliminal messaging. What effect does this have on our mental well being? Is there a deliberate sinister conspiracy at work to take over our thoughts and control our decisions?

'The Hum' by Ralph Anderson explores the factual mysterious hum that has plagued the world for over fifty years. Heard by only an estimated two percent of the population, from Largs, Scotland to Bristol England to Kokomo, Indiana to Taos, New Mexico, The Hum has caused insomnia, anxiety and suicide for those unfortunate who hear it. Why do only some people hear this ultra low frequency hum? Is it real or is it just tinnitus? That is a question that has baffled investigators, scientists and doctors for decades. Is there a correlation between The Hum and acts of violence? Amazingly, not only has no one ever been able to find a source for The Hum, no one has ever been able to record it.

Explore one probable source of The Hum as Ralph Anderson connects the dots between actual world events in his speculative, thought provoking book.
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