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Trump Fascism: A Very Possible Future

Trump Fascism: A Very Possible Future

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Trump Fascism: A Very Possible Future

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Jul 15, 2016


"My name is Chief of Staff of the Army General Ulysses Benito Butler, and this is my story. This is the story of how Mr. Drumpf (Trump) became president, destroyed American democracy and turned the US into a fascist state, started two disastrous wars, threw America into a Second Great Depression, tried to expel millions, imprisoned hundreds of thousands, and even tortured and executed thousands of fellow Americans. This is also the story of how myself and my fellow soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and civilian volunteers fought him in the Second Civil War."
Lançado em:
Jul 15, 2016

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Trump Fascism - Al Carroll



This book is a work of future alternate history. It is, at this point, fiction, but squarely based on fact and carefully researched. Everything in this book is not just possible, but likely and close to inevitable should Mr. Drumpf actually win. All the events depicted were extrapolated from his own words, writings, and actions, his followers’ words and actions, and the certain responses to and consequences of these fascists’ words and actions.

Everything that Drumpf does and everything his followers believe fit the textbook definition of fascism. The government he would found most closely resembles that of Mussolini’s, including its incredible bluster trying to hide its utter incompetence.

As of this writing, the chances of his winning are extremely remote. But if he somehow should win, we cannot claim we were not warned many times. We as a nation will have only ourselves to blame.

There is, of course, the very real possibility he and his followers will try to seize power by force, a scenario originally discussed by journalist Bob Dreyfus and mentioned in the second of the two earlier articles of mine that follow. I include them as brief examples of counterfactual history on the subject, history writing as both prophecy and warning, as this entire book is.

I have no doubt his gullible fanatics are already jerking their knees to respond. Once the election is over and he suffers a dramatic defeat, we still should remember the unpredictable threat he is. The choice we were given was between a very unpredictable elitist bigoted warmonger fascist in the making and an all too predictable warmonger corporatist posing as a woman of the people. I have written chapters and articles criticizing her at length, and the president before her.

Drumpf represents a newer and greater danger to basic human decency, existence, and freedom than the predictable but limited menaces to peace and equality that Hillary and Barack are. Part of what I and many others resent is that we are forced to temporarily defend an established order we don’t agree with at all because Drumpf is so extreme a danger. After he goes back to being a failed sideshow carnival barker in the business world, we can all go back to the old battles, not of left vs. right, but of the mass of ordinary people vs. elites both political and economic.

Trump’s Followers Get Even More Violent: Five Very Real Possibilities

(Originally published at DailyKos, March 2016.)

We as a nation have a bad habit. We cannot quit talking about this most despicable of men, a symbol of everything wrong with the American nation and society: Celebrity for the sake of celebrity, the worship of wealth and mammon, imagining that wealth or celebrity somehow confers wisdom or legitimacy, not to mention his pandering to hatreds of all kinds.

Then there is the violence he brings with him everywhere he goes, stirred by his base appeal to the most rabid and brainless bigots. As of this writing, more than 50 people have been assaulted at Trump rallies. The worst of this is not yet over. The worst is likely yet to come. We as a nation should prepare ourselves for five very likely waves of violence Trump and his followers could bring:

1. His followers form an actual militia.

This seems to have briefly already happened, with opinions split on whether it disbanded or is still around. On March 13, the Lion’s Guard formed and gained about 500 followers in less than a day. The group imitated fascist iconography, a red or yellow lion with a blue collar, similar to the British Union of Fascists’ symbol. Lion’s Guard also uses the same Mussolini slogan that Trump tweeted and then defended to media, Better to be a lion for a day than a sheep for eternity. Another symbol of Lion’s Guard has the slogan God With Trump in imitation of the Nazi slogan God With Us but with crosses in place of swastikas.

The militia migrated from Twitter to LionsOfTrump.net. Over 40 people responded with calls in the comments section to form militias in Arizona, California, Florida, and elsewhere. They vow to defend against Anti MAGA far left infiltrators. MAGA stands for "Make America Great Again, Trump’s campaign slogan. So far they have limited themselves to claiming to identify protest leaders.

Many of Trump’s followers already are in militias or other armed or violent groups, white supremacists, white nationalists, and racists and bigots and anti-government zealots of all stripes. White racists did robocalls for him in South Carolina. David Duke of the KKK and half a dozen other racist groups publicly endorse him. Jeremy DeLemus, a co-chair of Veterans for Trump in New Hampshire, took part in the armed takeover by Oregon militia.

2. Trump loses at the likely brokered convention in Cleveland.

His followers not only riot. Some start shooting people. A few may even bomb their enemies, perceived or imagined. Trump already predicted, that is, he proposed, encouraged, and threatened that his followers would riot if he were not the nominee. Cleveland protests and counter protests and police efforts to control them will make the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968 seem gentle by comparison.

We already saw the chaotic Trump rally in Chicago a few weeks ago caused by Trump campaign incompetence and the childish anger of Trump followers. Unwilling to face protests, Trump’s people postponed and then canceled their rally. The police were not consulted and were caught unprepared. Dozens were arrested or injured, and then angry Trump followers blamed the anti-Trump protesters.

Now imagine Trump followers’ anger, mixed in with the higher number of gun owners in the rural conservative areas outside Cleveland, and with militia heavy areas like Michigan close by.

There may even be bombings. Sound unlikely? Ask William Celli, a Trump supporter currently under arrest since December who plotted to target Muslims with his homemade bombs. Celli pledged online to follow Trump to the end of the world.

3. Trump wins the nomination. Hate crimes in his name increase.

We have already seen attacks invoking Trump’s name. The earliest was two men in Boston beating an immigrant. Trump declined to criticize them, even seemed to praise them as very passionate.

4. Trump is nominated and then loses the general election in a landslide.

Keep in mind he only has the support of 35% of one party, about 12% of the nation, and is despised by nearly all independents and Democrats. About a quarter of all Republicans swear they would never vote for him, and will instead stay home or vote Democratic or third party. By one poll, Trump would lose to Sanders by 20 points, to Clinton by 10 points. Electorally, Trump would carry few states outside of Arizona or the Deep South.

But his followers do not understand this, or they deny most of it. They may riot, perhaps shoot people or bomb enemies. Hates crimes in his name would also certainly increase. His followers live in a bubble, are among the least educated or politically savvy, and feel very vulnerable in this economy, and culturally persecuted. They will not take being losers lying down.

The inauguration of the new president especially will be targeted. The elected opposition and news media also could get targeted, much like during the start of the Tea Party when Black congressmen were spit on, offices vandalized, one congresswoman was shot, and militia members held armed demonstrations within sight of the White House.

5. Trump becomes the Republican Party.

The old elites fade or form a minor party of their own. The Grand Old Party initials change to stand for God (only nominally since churchgoers largely support Ted Cruz), Old whites, and self-proclaimed or creatively imagined Patriotic anger. Anger and violence at elections becomes a regular feature of Republicanism.

Another Trump will take over in 2020, either literal or ideological offspring. His spray on orange tan, heavy base of white powder under his eyes, and volume of voice can’t hide the fact that he is, like most of his followers, an Angry Old Man. He will be 70 before Election Day and (a ridiculous doctor’s claim to the contrary) has had health problems since childhood. He received a medical deferment for the Vietnam War, had a brother who died from alcoholism, and has sharp unexplained weight fluctuations. Trump’s regular doctor is a specialist in internal medicine rather than a general practitioner, and that may indicate serious problems he is hiding. Many medical observers also believe he suffers from chronic insomnia, which explains his manic behavior and chronically poor grasp of reality.

Trump’s Republicans or third party would need a new leader after his death, incapacity, or simple boredom. Any of his three sons, who often show the same sense of spoiled entitlement and contempt for others, would fit that bill. So would figures such as fringe conspiracy theorist and wrestler and former governor Jesse Ventura. So would such unlikely figures as Ted Nugent or Sarah Palin (after another reality TV run.) Expect the violent rhetoric, and violence at rallies and against opponents, to continue into the future indefinitely.

What Would Trump Fascism Look Like?

A top 10 list that’s highly possible given what we’ve seen – and perfectly horrifying.

(Originally published at History News Network, June 2016.

An edited list of eight traits was also published at JuanCole.com.)

Given how immigrant bashing is central to his appeal, it’s best to rebrand Mr. Drumpf (Trump) by his original family name. The man best known for hatred of immigrants has a grandfather, mother, wife, and ex-wife who are immigrants. Some accounts point to the grandfather changing his name during the height of anti-German hatred and hysteria during World War I.

Numerous analysts, journalists, publications, and scholars judge Mr. Drumpf to be a fascist. These range from academics to Newsweek to Salon to the New Republic to even Forbes magazine and conservatives like Max Boot and Jeb Bush. He is authoritarian, appeals to irrationality, is highly nationalistic, extremely bigoted, and calls for the defense of capitalism at the expense of democracy. The only things missing from this textbook definition of fascism for Drumpf and his followers are the uniforms.

In spite of or more likely because of the threat Mr. Drumpf represents, he has little chance of winning. Most likely he will be defeated by 15 to 20 percentage points and over 150 electoral votes, the widest margins lost by any presidential candidate since 1984. Or perhaps a better parallel would be Barry Goldwater’s defeat in 1964, where he lost the election but redefined

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