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Motels dot the highways of America, providing a range of services and prices. We use them. Thousands of us use them for a place to rest, for meetings and assignations, and even, at times, to act out life's dramas. They are souless places, almost perfect for the tragic endings that sometimes seem to take on their own power and strength, playing out no matter what we truly want.

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ISBN: 9781536568462
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Motel Endings - Ed Teja

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Motel Endings

Ed Teja

Published by Float Street Press, 2016.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. August 5, 2016.

Copyright © 2016 Ed Teja.

ISBN: 978-1536568462

Written by Ed Teja.

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Motel Endings

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Friday evening was unusually steamy hot—staying up in the high nineties according to the television weather report. The summer heat had lingered late, sneaking its way into fall. It had started getting dark earlier but still we simmered, stewing in the heat.

The aircon in my car doesn't work so I had the windows open and when I pulled into the motel parking lot the pungent and perfumy smell of night-blooming jasmine almost overwhelmed me. I felt nauseated. With my headache already trying to take my head off, I almost puked. I don’t believe in bad omens, but the signs weren’t stellar, not even promising.

The neon motel sign glowed in sickly pastels above the tacky office and a bright-white sign screamed office and vacancy blared out through the window. The sight