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Empire of Storms

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Empire of Storms

Nota: 4.5 de 5 estrelas4.5/5 (583 avaliações)
Duração: 790 páginas13 horas


Aelin Galathynius knew that reclaiming her throne would never be an easy task. But as the long path to reclaim her kingdom begins, Aelin knows war looms on the horizon with certainty. The path here has not been without difficulties, and Aelin has been forced to break loyalties while buying others, betray friends while bonding with new ones, and all around the land those who possess magic are quickly finding themselves pitted against those who do not. Turmoil rings out across the kingdom, and as everything comes to a head, Aelin stands in the midst of it all.

With her heart bonded and sworn to the warrior-prince by her side, her fealty pledged to the people she is determined to save, Aelin must dive deep into the depths of her true power to protect all those that she loves. It isn’t without conflict, however, and as the monsters begin emerging from the horrific events of her past, and dark forces all around are poised to lay claim to the world, the only chance for salvation lies in a desperate and wild quest that could very well be the beginning of the end for everything that Aelin holds near and dear to her heart.
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