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Beeching: 50 Years On

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Beeching: 50 Years On

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In 1963, Dr. Beeching’s infamous report signalled the end for many miles of track, innumerable buildings, and the whole railway way of life. Much misery was caused and Beeching’s name was muddied, but in hindsight the report probably did more than any other single factor to preserve the nation’s railway heritage. Without drawing a very line 50 years ago, much of the locomotives, stock, tracks, signals, and signs would have crumbled, been forgotten, or rotted. The gentle railway gradients lend themselves perfectly to walkways and cycle paths. Buildings have been refurbished. Memorabilia, or "railwayana," now command prices at auction which would astonish those who painted the metal. And of course, there are the heritage lines which draw many thousands of visitors each year.
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