A Delicate Matter: A Jack Taggart Mystery

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A Delicate Matter: A Jack Taggart Mystery

Duração: 350 páginas


Tenth book in the acclaimed Jack Taggart Mystery series
In a nod to the past, A Delicate Matter brings back a longtime Taggart nemesis, Damien Zabat, who has been featured in several of the previous books, but most prominently in the debut title, Loose Ends
With the eventual death of Zabat, Don Easton introduces Purvis Eaves, the new gang leader who makes Damien look like Mister Rogers, and sets up a brand-new master villain for Taggart to butt heads with
Author is a retired RCMP undercover agent with an insider’s knowledge of how the force works
Gritty style and real-world details culled from a career in undercover operations
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