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Chasing Kane

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Chasing Kane

Duração: 390 páginas7 horas


Paparazzi. Sold out shows. A seat at the Grammy’s.
A musician’s dream, and fiddler Regan Kane's life.
When Grounded Sound Entertainment launches a six-month cross-country tour, label superstar Regan, and his drummer cousin CJ hit the road running.
Regan’s marriage to Georgia is on a continual upswing as the couple discusses adding a baby to their unconventional union. He knows this tour might be his last for a while, as he plans to trade late nights on stage for diaper duty.
As for CJ Kane? His preparations for the tour include breaking the heart of his patient girlfriend, Frankie—the girl everyone thought had finally grounded the notoriously salacious drummer.
Demons chase the Kane boys while they live a fast-paced life on the road. Expectations, heartache, and a marriage set to two different tempos follow the lifelong roadsters to each city. Regan and CJ are forced to examine their lives beyond the cheering fans and magazine covers to find out what it is they're really running from.

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