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Somewhere By The Sea

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Somewhere By The Sea

Nota: 5 de 5 estrelas5/5 (1 avaliação)
Duração: 202 páginas3 horas


Readers' Favorite 2020 Finalist — Paranormal Romance!

Is there somewhere to mend a broken heart?

Faith Bennison suffered a tragedy that changed her life in unimaginable ways and she fears she will die of a broken heart. In an attempt to salvage her sanity, she leaves her home in the Midwest and travels to the small Oregon town of Somewhere. As she settles into the day-to-day life at Hope Bed & Breakfast, she makes friends and even meets a man who jump-starts her battered heart. Strange happenings, however, have her questioning her sanity as she tries to make sense of an unfathomable encounter.

Baxter Hope, son of the owner of Hope & Breakfast, Gabby Hope, is intrigued by their newest guest, Faith Bennison. As his mother so aptly observed, "She carries sadness around her like a cloak," and he wonders why. Having gone through a tumultuous divorce, he is in no frame of mind to even think about romance, and suppresses his growing feelings for Faith. However, the more he gets to know her, the more he is drawn to her. That is, until the day she shatters the world of his friend, Victoria Patterson, with a simple question.

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