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Red Rocks Trilogy

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Red Rocks Trilogy

Duração: série


A solar flare has destroyed the surface of the earth and driven its inhabitants underground. Unknown to Dr. Violet Morningstar, she holds the key to the future. However, she has contracted a deadly illness and must be placed in cryogenics. Awakened hundreds of years in the future she is astounded that the world, although technologically advanced, is still underground. While in cryosleep was she really visited in a dream by an ancestral grandmother who lived in the 1800s? Is she being guided to the red rocks of what was once Sedona in the state of Arizona, and to a tree known as the Spirit Tree? If so, why?

Agent Bren has been charged with the responsibility of keeping Dr. Morningstar safe from high ranking factions that want her terminated. Her breakthrough formula in soil regeneration could possibly solve the earth's terraforming problem, but also trigger a mass exodus to the surface--an exodus that equates to staggering losses of money and power for those governing the population. Agent Bren is well acquainted with danger, but now he's facing an additional adversary, his own heart, as his feelings for Violet deepen.

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