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The Lyrics of Leonard Cohen: Enhanced Edition

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The Lyrics of Leonard Cohen: Enhanced Edition

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The enhanced The Lyrics of Leonard Cohen is a four decade-spanning collection, containing the lyrics of Suzanne, Hallelujah, So Long, Marianne, Everybody Knows, Famous Blue Raincoat and many more, including songs written but never recorded by Cohen himself. Blackly comic, tender, and polished until they shone like diamonds, Cohen’s lyrics were unmistakable.

This Omnibus Enhanced edition includes curated Spotify playlists for each song in this collection, showcasing both the recorded works of Leonard Cohen and a selection of the many interpretations and reimaginings of his songs. Additionally, alongside an exclusive tribute to the man, there is also an interactive timeline of his life, complete with rare videos and images of life performances, book extracts and more.

Cohen was an accomplished novelist and poet before releasing his first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen. His music documented the tender yearnings and salved the heartbreaks of romantics around the world for six decades. The Lyrics of Leonard Cohen is an examination of the literary influence of the master wordsmith and a dazzling display of the work of one of our most passionate musical artists. Rediscover his genius in with this celebratory volume.
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