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Ellie's Grand Christmas Wish

Ellie's Grand Christmas Wish

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Ellie's Grand Christmas Wish

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Nov 26, 2016


Ellie is a small circus elephant who wants all the hurt and sick to be better. 
Children gather around Ellie before the Christmas Eve show and she hears them talking about Santa. 
Her mother thinks Santa only comes to children, but Ellie asks him to come see her. 
When Santa arrives, he takes Ellie on a grand ride. They see children, lands of ice, lands of smoking mountains, big cities of light, and finally end up over a land with animals that look just like herself and the other animals at the circus. 
Santa asks Ellie what she wanted for Christmas. 
Ellie said, "I want all the animals to go back to their home." 
"That's quite a job"  
What will Santa do?

Lançado em:
Nov 26, 2016

Sobre o autor

Sherry Raby: I grew up in a small borough in Central Pennsylvania, and still remain in a small borough in Central PA. I visited many different areas, and though winters can be harsh, I prefer the seasonal changes to no change. I've been writing since I was 14. The books back then weren't very good, but I've never lost the inner push to keep it up. I published a small children's story in Highlights magazine in the late 1970's. This was my first paid article. It took me almost 35 years of tears and hard knocks to get to where I could be able to publish a book. It was physically started about 10 years ago. Silent Screams by Sherry Raby. I am releasing When the River Rises. It's the stories of my ancestors through grandparent to grandparent to grandparent. I am married and have a total of eight children, and eleven grandchildren. I have migrated back to the hills of Northern Central Pennsylvania and find inspiration almost every day just by looking out my windows.

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Ellie's Grand Christmas Wish - Sherry Raby


In recent months, the humane society has made it public that elephants kept in captivity are being cruelly treated. 

Circus animals, of all variety, are being sent to game preserves around the world so they can live out their lives in their natural habitat.

I would like to believe that maybe the belief of magic that one little elephant had, may have been the beginning of the change of man’s heart.

After all, the greatest of wishes can come true at Christmas.

Ellie opened her eyes and blinked.  While she had been sleeping, the thick green grass that crunched beneath her feet was now covered in white fluffy cotton that was cold and soft.

She shivered as she looked around, thinking, ‘Where did my sunshine go?  Will it come back?  Will there ever be grass to play in again?’

She heard the sounds of the people who came to feed her everyday and breathed a sigh of relief.  Things were still normal even if they weren’t the same.


Fresh hay was thrown into the stall where she and her mother stayed when not out. 

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