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Allergies: A troubleshooting guide to common childhood ailments

Allergies: A troubleshooting guide to common childhood ailments

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Allergies: A troubleshooting guide to common childhood ailments

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Apr 1, 2012


For parents, few experiences provoke more anxiety than the thought of a sick child. The Everything® Healthy Living Series is here to help. These concise, thoughtful guides offer the expert advice and the latest medical information you need to understand your child’s ailments and provide the best possible care. Childhood illnesses are inevitable; the way you approach treatment is not.

Here you’ll find the tools in determining what is, or is not, an allergic reaction, when to seek allergy testing from your child’s pediatrician, and how to minimize your child’ triggers.
Lançado em:
Apr 1, 2012

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Adams Media provides helpful, funny, and inspiring books on a wide variety of topics, so no matter who you are, we’ve got you covered. Our editors are just like you—living, loving, and learning every day. Our personal experiences and expertise in our given book categories allow us to bring you some of the best content on the market—from parenting to relationships, to the paranormal, cooking, and humor—we cover what you care about.

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Allergies - Adams Media

The Everything Healthy Kids Series


A troubleshooting guide for parents

Adams Media, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Avon, Massachusetts



What Are Allergies?

More Allergic than Ever

Food Allergies

Pet Allergies

Allergy Testing

Allergy Treatments

Also Available

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For more than 10 years, millions of readers have trusted the bestselling Everything series for expert advice and important information on parenting and health topics ranging from pregnancy and postpartum care to asthma, dyslexia, and juvenile diabetes. Packed with the most recent, up-to-date data, Everything guides help you get the right diagnosis, choose the best doctor, and find the treatment options that work for your child.

The Everything Healthy Kids Series books are concise guides, focusing on only the essential information you need. Whether you’re looking for information on how to treat ailments in children from infants to teenagers, advice on raising happy, well-adjusted kids, or suggestions for how to get your child to eat the right foods, there’s an Everything Healthy Kids Book for you.

Childhood Illnesses

Few occasions provoke more anxiety in parents than when a child is ill, and it is the duty of the pediatrician to calm those parental fears in times of distress. The goal of the Everything Healthy Kids Series is not to discredit the ancient wisdom of parenthood. The innate instinct of parents often proves uncanny. Indeed, much of the knowledge that has been passed down through the generations has proved to be both practical and life

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