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The Ultimate 30-Day Fitness Challenge for Men (The Home Workout Plan Bundle Book 1)

Length: 186 pages45 minutes


Do you want to build muscle, lose fat, and look great as quickly as possible without performance-enhancing drugs, wasting hours in the gym and money on supplements? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a simple step-by-step plan to whip your body into incredible shape?

Then, "The Ultimate 30-Day Fitness Challenge for Men: The Home Workout Plan Book 1" has your answer in four short, concise books you can quickly and easily read. This book gives the information you need now so you can stop searching the internet endlessly for answers about growing your guns, building your chest and back and developing a rock-solid core!

In this health and fitness short read box set, you’ll get:
-4 fitness short read books on upper body development
-Tons of upper body exercises with variations
-An entire section devoted to chiseling your midsection
-Exercise ideal for anyone from the beginner to the athlete
-Brief and straightforward instructions of each exercise
-4 reliable and customizable 30-day workout plan
-Helpful guidelines and tips to get the most from your workouts
-Full-color pictures so you don’t fly blind into your workout
-How to Master Pull-Ups in 30 Days
-How to Master Push-Ups in 30 Days
-How to Master Arm Exercises in 30 Days
-How to Master Core Exercises in 30 Days
-And, so much more!

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