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Rosa’s Adult Piano Lessons Reharmonization Level 6 Advanced Level - Altered Dominant Chords: I7b9, II7b9, V7b9, VI7b9 and Cocktail Runs & Fills: Learn Piano With Rosa, #1

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Rosa’s Adult Piano Lessons Reharmonization Level 6 Advanced Level - Altered Dominant Chords: I7b9, II7b9, V7b9, VI7b9 and Cocktail Runs & Fills: Learn Piano With Rosa, #1

Duração: 44 páginas6 minutos


Piano Lesson Level 6:  Learn This Trick to get Piano Bar Music

We are now moving into more advanced piano playing in this Reharmonization Series.

Many of my students love piano bar music and they want to capture those cocktail sounds in their music arrangement. Did you know that it is not difficult at all to create those sounds? If you are following this Reharmonization series, make sure you grasp the concept of Dominant Chords & Secondary Dominant Chords in Level 5.

Here's the Secret: To get into cool jazzy style of playing, you need to focus on the dominant chords and secondary dominant chords. Learn to just alter one tone, and that tone will create that cocktail sound that you want to hear in your music. Cocktail style of music functions and moves in the Circle movement of 6-2-5-1. The TRICK is to alter a tone in some of these dominant chords.

In this course, you are going to learn how to 25 Music Tips to alter a tone in the dominant chords to create the cocktail sound in piano bar music so that you can enjoy that relaxing smooth jazz sound. We will apply it to the song Away in a Manger.

As a bonus, I am going to show you a few RUNS from simple to advanced to help you reach the cocktail runs so that you can put them freely into your music. This section is entirely a BONUS, a gift to you, as this section itself is already a course on its own.

The following 16 Topics are covered:

1. Know your Dominant 7 Chords

2. Know your Dominant 9 Chords

3. Know how to Alter Dominant Chords

4. Dominant Chords - Can alter 2 tones - 5th and 9th

5. To get the Cocktail sound - alter the 9th tone to b9

6. Music Formula for Dominant 7, Dominant 9, Dominant 7b9

7. Work on the 4 Dominant Chords in Away in A Manger

8. Altering the Four Dominant 9 Chords - G7, C7, D7 A7

9. 4 Chord Substitutions in Away in A Manger

10. Step 1: Substitute G7b9

11. Step 2: Substitute C7b9

12. Step 3: Substitute D7b9

13. Step 4: Substitute A7b9

14. Voicing Tricks to Play 5 Tone 7b9 Chords

15. Understand Diminished 7 Chords

16. Rolling Runs Techniques


38 Music Tips

Music Tip 1: Altering Only One tone in dominant chords

Music Tip 2: Major 7 vs Dominant 7

Music Tip 3: Major 9 vs Dominant 9

Music Tip 4. Dominant 7 vs Dominant 9

Music Tip 5: Altered Dominant Chords - can alter 2 tones

Music Tip 6: Flat the 9th tone

Music Tip 7: C9 and C7b9 in Written Music - 5 notes

Music Tip 8. Formula Patterns in Dominant Chords

Music Tip 9: Piano Demo to the Dominant Chords Formula

Music Tip 10: G9, C9, D9 A9

Music Tip 11. G9 to G7b9

Music Tip 12: D9 to D7b9

Music Tip 13: A9 to A7b9

Music Tip 14: C9 to C7b9

Music Tip 15: Start susbstituting with Primary Dominant Chord

Music Tip 16: Find places to substitute G7b9

Music Tip 17: Two melody tones clash with G7b9

Music Tip 18: Substitute G7b9 into Away In A Manger

Music Tip 19: Transfer G7b9 into chord chart

Music Tip 20: Finger Trick to play 7b9 - 5 tone chords

Music Tip 21: Finger Tricks to play G7b9

Music Tip 22: Big Secret Tip: Right Hand plays diminished 7 Chords

Music Tip 23: Different ways to write diminished chords

Music Tip 24: Symmetrical diminished 7 Chords: WWWB, WWBW, WBWW, BWWW

Music Tip 25: Playing symmetrical diminished Chords

Music Tip 26: Finger Tricks: LH plays bass + RH plays diminished 7 chords

Music Tip 27: Distinguish between a C Major Chord & C7

Music Tip 28: Find the 2 C7s in Away in A Manger

Music Tip 29: The 2 tones that clash with C7b9

Music Tip 30: Substitute C7b9 in Away in A mange

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