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Generation Z: What It's Like to Grow up in the Age of Likes, LOLs, and Longing

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From the Washington Post comes a fascinating profile of the digital native generation.

For the generation after Millennials, technology has been the only way of life since birth. These children are the first group to have their formative moments chronicled on Facebook, to grow up surrounded by the ubiquity of smartphones, and most important, to navigate a social landscape ruled by the internet. With this lifestyle comes a host of issues that prior generations never dealt with, including cyberbullying, alienation from peers with greater access to technology, and an increasing vulnerability to online sexual predators.

This series of articles from the Washington Post delves into the everyday lives of American kids and teenagers. With its exploration of the unique pressures and complications of living an online life (and most of life online), this collection is a must-read for anyone raising a member of Generation Z.

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Generation Z - The Washington Post

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