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How to Improve Your Hobby Skills: From Beginner to Happy, #1

How to Improve Your Hobby Skills: From Beginner to Happy, #1

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How to Improve Your Hobby Skills: From Beginner to Happy, #1

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May 9, 2017


This eBook will help guide you on the different topics to improve your hobby skills from building miniatures, painting them to a level you are happy, and how to showcase them online.
While I focus on gothic sci-fi miniatures, you can use the tips in this book for figures for wargaming, tabletop games, RPG, scale models, or really any other plastic miniature.

This is the first book in the Beginner to Happy Series providing a quick overview of each of the main hobby topics. Later books will dive deeer into each topic and cover more advanced topics.

Lançado em:
May 9, 2017

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How to Improve Your Hobby Skills - Joe Baird


Who, What, and Why

This book started as a series of posts on my blog, Broken Paintbrush. I wanted to bring together the core, basic concepts for anybody trying to get into or improve how they build and paint miniatures.

About 10,000 words later, this book has evolved into a hobby 101 reference guide. So while it won't go deep into each topic, I link to further reading. This way, you can focus on the topic you want to learn the most, while getting a sense of what else is out there.

With that said, there are a lot of topics covered in this book. This can be overwhelming for new hobbyists and veterans alike. In our hobby, there are a ton of things to learn and master, but not all at once.

So my suggestion is this: read through the book, or even just one section, and pick one topic to focus on improving. Once you have that skill understood, come back through and pick another. In this way, you can sustain your hobby growth and make quick progress.

If at any point you get stuck or excited about what you learned, you can always contact me over on Broken Paintbrush where I have links to my social media accounts. I also post monthly tutorials and point to other great hobby posts in my Good Reads series.

The Vallejo Game Colors, Model Air and Model Colors brands are © Acrylicos Vallejo.

Games Workshop paint colors are © Games Workshop Limited

This eBook is a free publication ©2017 Broken Paintbrush, all rights reserved.

Feel free to copy and share quotes from this book; please just link back to:


Improve Your Hobby Building Skills

The model is your canvas. It's also a game piece, or perhaps, a display piece. But to improve your painted miniature, you need to improve your built miniature. This is why it is important to focus on building a better model before you can paint a better model.

So take a look through each of the suggestions, grab one you need to work on first, and focus on improving that one thing.

Prepare Your Mini

Making the canvas, or in this case, your mini from the start is the best way to improve the finish. What I mean by preparing your mini is simply getting each of the bits ready for paint.

Get it off the sprue

This starts with getting each part off the sprue - the plastic frame all the bits come on. While it can be tempting just to snap or twist parts off, the plastic can easily tear and ruin the piece you need.

Instead, use flush clippers like these Xuron ones pictured below and make a clean cut as close as possible to your bit.

A flush

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