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Autism Brings a New Beginning

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When diagnosed with autism Travis' life has a new beginning. Now he sees life through a different lens that makes his life unique and special. He starts to appreciate the little things in life and learns not to take things for granted. Being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome changes Travis' life and makes him work even harder to be successful in life. The book will teach you about life with autism. You will learn how autism changed one man's life for the better. Travis was able to use some of his traits that came from autism to begin a career as a writer in an industry that is more than ready for informative books on autism. Travis works hard to overcome bullying and was even threatened with his life at one point for being different. Travis used to be bullied because he was autistic but now he uses his autism to help raise awareness about bullying of people who are different. Travis takes a stand for all autistic people in this excellent book about living with autism spectrum disorder.

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