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Essential Guitar Techniques

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Essential Guitar Techniques

Nota: 2 de 5 estrelas2/5 (1 avaliação)
Duração: 79 páginas13 minutos


Essential Guitar Techniques explains guitar techniques such as legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, the CAGED method and how to practise correctly. It includes diagrams of all the most important scales you'll ever need including major, minor, pentatonic, blues, harmonic minor, melodic minor and more. The theory section starts you off on the basics from understanding the major scale, intervals and constructing chords and moves on to modes. The book is friendly and accessible and works as a course or reference book depending on your needs. Written in a friendly and accessible manner, Essential Guitar Techniques can help you become an amazing guitarist quickly and includes numerous example riffs and ideas plus tips used by the pros.

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