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Windows Shorts Cuts Bible

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Windows Shorts Cuts Bible

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This eBook is for your immediate reference whether your mouse broke down or not knowing shortcuts is a great productivity boost for sure, sitting on my laptop typing away no body want to turn on the lights and search the darn mouse and after you locate it you realize you forgot to charge the darn thing. As an IBMer, Field technician, Proud Geek and Nerd I give you all the Short cuts in the World yes since the Windows 95 all the way to Windows 10. Keyboard secrets do not change a lot after all Microsoft do not like to screw their user base bur some might be used by other things over the years but  since the first Windows 90 percent of these are still good and ready for your geekness pleasure, Enjoy them.

Little over 10.000 short cuts and most are them same but listed because they are categorized for faster location with your e=readers find feature, just do a keyword search bam there it will be.

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