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Finding the Fairy Tale (Book 3 of the Connor's)

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Finding the Fairy Tale (Book 3 of the Connor's)

Duração: 273 páginas3 horas


Lucas dream as a chef was to open his own restaurant in the heart of Houston and make it the best in Texas. Emily Armstrong his fiance had helped him make the restaurant a success. With her connections he couldn't lose. Oddly though, the high-class restaurant became more Emily than Lucas.
But the minute he saw Frankie McCall, he realized what his life was missing...her!

He'd used Frankie, he'd been with Frankie five years when Emily told him he had to get rid of her, if he wanted Emily. So he did. Biggest mistake of his life he realized two years later. How could a man be so wrong about a situation, and the bigger question was, how could he win Frankie back into his life?

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