Passage to America: The Story of the Great Migrations

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Passage to America: The Story of the Great Migrations

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Originally published in 1950, this is a comprehensive account of the peaks and troughs of migrations to America, beginning with its original formation of the nation through to the influx of Displaced Persons.

Relating the American migrations to great movements in world history on the one hand, and to the national ideal of freedom on the other, the author discusses national and cultural migrations specifically—the French, Dutch, Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, Irish, Chinese, Italians, Russians, Russian Jews, and the refugees and survivors of World War II.

“Stimulating reading for all young Americans, at home or in the classroom.”—Kirkus Review

“Passage to America was not written as propaganda, yet its very nature makes it a weapon fitted to any hand that is raised in the fight for freedom….It is good in these days to find a book that in strong but not bitter style denounces tyranny and, without any frantic flag-waving, upholds the democratic way of Life.”—Sunday Review of Literature

“A living story of the meaning of democracy. The narrative moves easily and smoothly, and the book should arouse the interest of anyone over twelve or thirteen who looks at it.”—The Horn Book
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