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Quilling Basics: Discover the Magic World of Surprises in Quilling: Learn Quilling

Quilling Basics: Discover the Magic World of Surprises in Quilling: Learn Quilling

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Quilling Basics: Discover the Magic World of Surprises in Quilling: Learn Quilling

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Oct 13, 2015


The first book from the "Learn Quilling" series, "Quilling Basics" is a book for beginners, with step by step instructions and pictures. The reader will discover the world of paper, a world of relaxation and creativity, in which simple strips of paper can become wonderful pieces of art. 

Reading the book "Quilling Basics", you will learn how to choose the best paper for your creation, tools needed, how to make paper strips at home and other tips. Using pictures and written details, Alberta Neal explain how to make basics shapes and to complete easy projects that can be made by you at home.

The book has a fiction element, so you will discover the story of Cosmina and her curiosity in quilling.

A trip in Cosmina's world

Cosmina, an ambitious young lady, learns step-by-step the secrets of the quilling technique. Starting from her desire to discover a new world, Cosmina applies herself to the art of quilling while being guided by a person who truly cares for her, and thus she becomes, after many trials, an example for her friends.

You are invited to read this book to come closer to Cosmina and her experiences in the art of quilling.

The Book Content

The book is divided in five chapters, bringing the readers detailed explanations and good practice techniques for skilful paper rolling.

Quilling Basics. Discover the Magic World of Surprises in Quilling is a complete guide for paper rolling. It is addressed especially to those who wish to learn the art of quilling, but also to those who are already initiated in this art but who are looking for answers of how to create better and cleaner work that can attract admiring looks from people.

The book structure is as follows:

- Chapter 1 Types of paper recommended for quilling;

- Chapter 2 Basic tools required for quilling;

- Chapter 3 Rolling the paper and basic shapes;

- Chapter 4 Tips every beginner should know;

- Chapter 5 Quilling designs you can make at home;

- Appendix 1. How to make quilling paper;

- Appendix 2. Types of paper and using recommendations;

- Appendix 3. Metrical dimensions;

- Appendix 4. Basic quilling shapes;

- Appendix 5. Standard colours for quilling paper strips;

- Appendix 6. Glossary;

Discover your own world of magic

By following the instructions, examples and advices, and by practicing the models suggested by the author for home study, you can enjoy the crafting of objects that you can do yourself, and which can be given various uses: creating cards, decorating picture frames, presents, the Christmas tree, and any household object you may fancy.

The models are easy to craft by a beginner, while the most advanced artists may also find a source of inspiration for more complex projects.

Considering the fact that some people might consider using this art as a source of income through their own small business, we could say that they will be paid many times more than what they have invested.

Lançado em:
Oct 13, 2015

Sobre o autor

Always looking for the beauty in everything and for new ways of bringing joy to the people around herself, Alberta Neal has created this edition thinking about those who share her passion and love for quilling. For this book the author has selected only key techniques that could help both the ones who are already initiated in this type of art, as well as the ones who are now at the beginning stage. This is because Alberta Neal has noticed through her own experience that things change fast and that people need quality of the highest level in order to achieve their heart's desire in the shortest time possible. Having a vast experience in paper quilling and a strong desire to share with others her love for quilling, Alberta Neal has prepared for you numerous surprises, on her personal website: www.albertaneal.com

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Amostra do Livro

Quilling Basics - Alberta Neal


Roll the paper, stick and shape it. After that roll another paper strip, stick and shape it. Do that again and again! These are three simple steps which define the technique named quilling.

Quilling is an ancient form of art, accessible to any body and also inexpensive. It isn’t highly exacting and the needed tools and materials are affordable. You can use materials from the bookstore or whatever you find in the house. Through this technique you have the possibility to accomplish amazing works of art. The book "Quilling basics: Discover the magic world of surprises in quilling" approaches the quilling technique, also known as paper filigree.

How does it work? It’s simple: you put a strip of paper through the eye of a needle and roll the needle until the paper ends. You’ll obtain a coil. From here, things can evolve in accordance with the artist’s desire, pinching the coil into diversified shapes: triangles, squares, diamonds, teardrops or other personalized models.

Quilling is a wonderful technique and quite easy. Working with quilling helps to improve your imagination, it reduces stress and will lead to good profits for those who want to approach the business part of this art. Any gifted person will realize that paper filigree is much easier than painting or drawing. Here you are allowed to mix colours and materials, to let your imagination free, and to diversify shapes which only an artist’s imagination can come up with.

Do you want to find out how creative you are?

Roll the paper and bring it alive. Create new shapes, found quilling clubs and help others to enjoy the magic of this art. As I have previously mentioned, the quilling can embrace the business part which can go hand in hand with pleasure and fun, and for the young ones it is a good opportunity to learn new things.

In short, not to keep you waiting, I invite you to throw a glance at the models in this edition and to bring to life the shapes you meet.


- Motivational Story


It was a late autumn day, when the frosty winds were racing through the streets and the cold rain was falling on the pavement. I remember I was warmly dressed, but despite this fact, my ears had started to hurt because of the icy weather.

Finally, from around the corner the tram appeared and I managed to get on the wet, slippery stairs. Between the shivering people, I saw a place which could save me from the cold weather. Through the noise and wandering voices I perceived the bright face of a small girl with red lips and big, sparkling eyes who were curiously following me while I got out of my purse a paper strip and the quilling needle tool.

At the beginning, the girl was curious and kept asking her mother about the new things she saw. The girl’s mother, under the siege of many questions, came to me and asked if what I was doing was something new and where she could buy it for her daughter. Chatting, the tram continued its way and approached the station where the mother and the girl had to get off. Saying a warming Good bye! the girl and her mother got lost in the crowd. I found out then that the girl’s name was Cosmina and that she was passionate and curious about everything which means creation. With her pure heart, she had managed to put a smile on my face, even on such a late autumn day.

For a while, our paths came together. Every time the girl used to sit silently next to me. I got used to her watching me and I tried to roll the paper strips as slowly as possible to give her time to learn. So attentive she was I expected her to become a special person when she grew up. But that was to be seen as the time passed.

And, this way, in the tram that was narrowing through the cold streets of the late autumn day, I was smiling next to Cosmina as I watched her bloom every day. The time was passing

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