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Taken by the Outlaw: Screaming Eagles MC, #2

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Taken by the Outlaw: Screaming Eagles MC, #2

Duração: 108 páginas1 hora


Taken by the Outlaw is book 2 of the Screaming Eagles MC trilogy. Book 3, Bound to the Outlaw, is available everywhere now!

I hate him

Even in handcuffs, he’s still thinking with the head between his legs. I can tell from the way he’s staring at me—like a shark that’s caught the scent of blood. 

Like he already owns me.

One look at his rock-hard body and I can feel my resolve unraveling. One cocky grin and everything else is wiped from my mind.

Everything but his rough hands.

His fiery kiss.

And a voice from deep inside of me, screaming for more.

All I have to do is un-cuff him, and he’ll do the rest.

I don’t just bed women, I corrupt them

Scorching hot sex isn’t enough for me. I don’t just want their bodies, I want their souls. The more incorruptible she seems, the hotter the challenge.

And Officer Grace Santiago seemed the most incorruptible of them all.

She thinks she’s the one in control here.

But I’m going to show her that it’s not about what she wants.

It’s about what I want. 

To own her.
To tame her. 
To make her beg and plead.

She just needs to undo my handcuffs.

I’ll take care of the rest.

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