Deadly Engagement: Mapleton Mystery, #6

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Deadly Engagement: Mapleton Mystery, #6

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If you’re with a cop, there’s no escaping mystery and crime, even on a Caribbean cruise.

Angie Mead thinks time away from Gordon’s “Cop Stuff” is what he needs to distract him from being suspended as Mapleton’s Chief of Police and get over killing a man. A Caribbean cruise, where Gordon has no jurisdiction, seems the perfect solution—and Angie is looking forward to some fun in the sun.

Communication mishaps and Gordon’s apparent lack of interest in their getaway create second thoughts for Angie. That is, until a series of petty thefts give Gordon a new bone to chew on. When he includes Angie in his investigative way of thinking, the two of them switch to sleuthing mode, and their real adventure begins.

Petty thievery is only the beginning. A passenger from their dinner table dies under suspicious circumstances, bringing Gordon’s cop credentials to the attention of the ship’s security. Soon Angie and Gordon are neck deep in the onboard intrigues.

A new twist in Terry Odell’s Mapleton Mystery series, this engaging novella, in which nothing is quite as it first appears, is a great read for returning fans or newcomers. Both readers of cozy mysteries and police procedurals will find something to love.

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