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Beyond the Music: An Introduction to the Music Industry

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Beyond the Music: An Introduction to the Music Industry

Duração: 307 páginas3 horas


Beyond the Music: An Introduction to the Music Industry is the rare book that effectively combines an academic approach that is appropriate for serious study with an insider's view of how to achieve professional success in a highly competitive area of the entertainment world. The authors have extensive background experience in performing and recording, and currently share their knowledge in university-level courses.

Beyond the Music was written for students of the music and entertainment marketing businesses. It is also an excellent tool for artists seeking to learn more about entering the music business. The book provides an inside look at the industry through the eyes of musicians who have been there—from the garage to the record deals and world tours.

The ten chapters of the book discuss career opportunities in the music industry, and address important aspects of the business including:

Finding Record Deals Working with Managers, Agents and Attorneys Record Company Contracts and Royalties Copyright Producers and the Production Process
Covering aspects that students usually don't learn about in typical courses of study, Beyond the Music is a comprehensive guide to the music industry, useful for both aspiring and experienced musicians.
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