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This novel is set in a small English coastal town south-west of London. Detective Carter Hunt is well respected for his unquestionable integrity and loyalty. When his mentor and friend, Dustin Lark is brutally murdered, he undertakes to track the murderer and bring him to justice. Aura, innocent daughter of the victim, is unwittingly drawn into a scary train of events when she stumbles over incriminating evidence in a hidden file soon after her father's funeral. He had not involved her in this investigation and when her search of his office yielded the file, she could not make sense of the clues left behind.

Three men break into her house the night after her father's funeral. After a vicious fight she is violently dragged from her home and taken away. The next morning when he arrives to check on Aura, Hunt realises she is missing and sets out to find her. He and his partner Detective Weaver follow clues left by a biker club on the outskirts of the town who have made themselves remarkably unpopular by their threatening presence although they have not committed heinous crimes to draw attention to themselves. Hunt suspects they are responsible for far more than meets the eye but has not been able to prove anything. Shocking events unfold as he manages to locate and free Aura from a deserted asylum deep in the forest. Detective Weaver is a traitor and one of the leaders of the Arcus Biker Club. Their journey is arduous and painful as they are tracked through the forest, both sustaining serious injuries in the process. Trent, unbeknown to Hunt, is undercover having infiltrated the Arcus after facing his own personal tragedy. Weaver's henchman, Roland, one of Aura's home-invaders's, attempts to kill Aura as she reaches the banks of a fast-flowing river. Both Detective Hunt and Aura wind up in the water and they eventually make it back to town with the help of Grant Macdonald, a stoic Scotsman who transports them to hospital.

However, they are not safe there either as the tentacles of the Arcus are everywhere. Hunt manages to alert his Chief of Police who makes arrangements to protect them but Trent realises how deep the corruption goes when the Arcus attacks the hospital. Chaos ensues and Weaver is killed, along with other members of a corrupt police force. Macdonald fights alongside Hunt to protect Aura, unconscious after an emergency operation. When the Commissioner of Police arrives with reinforcements, Macdonald is dead and Hunt critically injured. Hunt and Lark realise that their life is about to change, and they are not safe again, anywhere. Trent plays a pivotal role in planning and effecting their escape to the airport and out of the country. Who really is the leader of the Arcus Biker Club, and how does the hidden file link all the characters together through 5 unconnected cases?

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