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The True Origins of the UCC and Secrets Behind Reclaiming Your Strawman

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So many people are seeking to become a Secured Party Creditor and reclaim their Strawman. After personally providing thousands of UCC filings, I am almost certain that no one who has sought a UCC filing is familiar with the true origins of the Strawman concept associated with the UCC filings. The Strawman is presently believed to an individuals natural name altered to be a legal name which changes it into all capitals. What if I were to tell you that this process is an ancient culture that has been altered and defiled?
This book is intended to shed light on a secret in regards to the UCC that everyone seeking to do a UCC filing should be aware of because it is beyond changing your status from a Debtor to a Secured Party Creditor. This is information that cannot be found anywhere else. I made sure I kept the information within this book very easy to understand. Enjoy!

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